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kinky insanity feat. 京
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j - k i n k  i c o n s \\ i n f o
Your hosts: zerisama, klahasama, and gaxnela.

     We make graphics, obviously. Most involve J-Rock and the like, but there's the occasional video game or animé. Even things that aren't remotely Japanese show up here.

→Credits and resources can be found on [this post].
→Specific tags are [here].
→All posts are archived in the [memories].

r u l e s

•Icons are for use by anybody, anywhere~♥
Please credit if you use our icons. It's polite. [example]
•Textless icons are not bases unless otherwise specified.
•Do not alter any of the graphics you find here.
Please do not hotlink. It's evil.
•Other than that, have fun and enjoy your stay!

a f f i l i a t e s
Want to be an affiliate? Drop a comment [here].

☆ h i s t o r y ☆
v.one → hide (18 September 2006 - 09 September 2008)
v.two → handcuffs & 雅~みゃび~ [Dué le quartz] (09 September 2008 - 23 April 2009)
v.three → 薫 [Dir en grey] (23 April 2009 - 21 November 2009)
v.four → 京 [Dir en grey] (21 November 2009 - ×××)
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